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Blank Pages releases Before Your Summer Fades on FDR Label!

January 19, 2018

The new album by Blank Pages – Before Your Summer Fades dropped today on the FDR Label. The fifth release from the veteran New Jersey power pop band received worldwide digital release and is available here via Bandcamp.

On Before Your Summer Fades, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Greg Potter pairs lyrics of uncertainty, loss and inevitable change with his signature melodic sound. It’s a unique blend of old school (Big Star, Wings) and modern pop (Sloan, Mike Viola) that is distinctly Blank Pages.

The record comes after a 7-year hiatus marked by the arrival of children and the loss of old friends. But Potter never stopped writing, and he delivers an engaging album that explores his middle age. From the straight ahead rock of the album opener “Take the Stage,” to the acoustic introspection of “So Long, Old Friend,” the record moves seamlessly from fuzzy tweed amps to sweeter moments drenched in jangling acoustics.

Melody is central to Potter’s approach, as evidenced by power pop tracks like “High Flyer,” “She’s Got the Knack,” and “Lost and Found.” The album closes with two songs that find him delving deeper into the uncertainly of midlife: the expansive “Writing a New Tale,” and the anthemic “I Have Been Lost.”

Before Your Summer Fades features Potter on guitar and lead vocals, Jason Brown on bass and guitar, Ed McCaffrey on drums.

Before Your Summer Fades is the band’s most accomplished record to date, adding a new level of sophistication to the Blank Pages catalog both musically and lyrically. The band has four prior releases on the FDR Label: Funny Pages, 45 & 33, On My Street and Absolute Uncertainty.

Before Your Summer Fades Online:

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Since 1995, Greg Potter has been writing and performing original power pop with Blank Pages.